Bob’s Burgers: How Kevin Kline’s Mr. Fischoder Lost His Eye
Bob's Burgers: How Kevin Kline's Mr. Fischoder Lost His Eye

Kevin Kline’s Mr. Fischoder is a recurring character on Bob’s Burger who dons an eyepatch. Here’s the backstory on how he lost his eye.

Kevin Kline voices the shady Mr. Fischoeder on Bob’s Burgers, and here’s how the character lost his eye. Bob’s Burgers follows the trials of the Belcher family, who run a small burger joint. Both the family themselves and many of their patrons are oddballs in some way. Episodes usually revolve around Bob (H. Jon Benjamin, Archer) trying to drum up business for his restaurant, which usually backfires horribly.

While the first season of Bob’s Burgers was met with a mixed response, subsequent series would tweak and refine the formula until it became great. This has seen the series gain a loyal following and its run for ten seasons so far. There’s also a feature-length version in the pipeline, aptly titled Bob’s Burgers: The Movie. The show also crossed over with star H. Jon Benjamin’s other hit animated series Archer during the latter’s fourth season, in an episode titled “Fugue and Riffs.”

Like many successful animated shows, Bob’s Burgers has featured some fun guest stars over the years, including Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Jenny Slate, and Bill Hader. One actor who recurs every season is Kevin Kline, who is maybe best known for his performances in A Fish Called Wanda and Sophie’s Choice. Kline plays Calvin Fischoeder, Bob’s slimy, deceitful landlord. Despite being quite wealthy and owning various properties like the “Wonder Wharf” amusement park, he’s seen to be happy to cut corners and be generally greedy.

Bob's Burgers: How Kevin Kline's Mr. Fischoder Lost His Eye
Bob’s Burgers: How Kevin Kline’s Mr. Fischoder Lost His Eye

Mr. Fischoder typically pops up for at least a few episodes of every season of Bob’s Burgers, with some of his distinct features being his eyepatch and dressing like a Bond villain. It took until season 4 for the show to explain how he lost his eye, however. Bob’s Burgers episode “Ambergris” introduced Felix, Calvin’s temperamental younger brother. Mr. Fischoder takes great delight in teasing and belittling his little brother, and it’s revealed in “Ambergris” that it was Felix who poked out his eye.

Unsurprisingly, the Fischoder brothers have a complex relationship, because despite his constant bullying Calvin is shown to care for his brother – even after losing an eye and Felix trying to kill him and Bob in another Bob’s Burgers season 4 episode. Mr. Fischoder is a fun recurring character – with Kevin Kline relishing the part – despite often being a straight-up villain. Given his twisted morals, it’s no surprise to learn he has a difficult time with his family too, who also appear to be the only people he genuinely cares for.