NCIS: Los Angeles – The Complete Season 9 (NZ DVD)

NCIS: Los Angeles – The Complete Season 9 (NZ DVD)


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Genres: Police Procedural
Starring: LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell
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NCIS: Los Angeles – The Complete Season 9 DVD

Distributor: Paramount
Release Date:
Language: English
Video Format: PAL Region 4
Number of Discs: 5

Where can I watch the new season of NCIS Los Angeles?

NCIS Los Angeles is back for a ninth season, with the core cast intact but facing changes. G Callen and Sam Hanna are still a team in the field. as are Deeks and Kensi. They are still supported by the wonder twins, Eric and Nell, back at home base. However, Sam has gone through a significant life change since the end of the last season, and it changes his dynamic with G (can G and Sam be roommates on an old boat?). Deeks and Kensi have signed up for their own significant life change, which will play out over the course of the season.

What is the release date for NCIS Los Angeles season 9?

In the ninth season of NCIS: LOS ANGELES, the team is shocked to learn Hetty (Linda Hunt) has submitted retirement papers and disappeared. While the team searches for Hetty’s mysterious whereabouts, Executive Assistant Director Shay Mosley (Nia Long) is brought in to oversee the team. Once again NCIS LA is living up to expectations and I sit awaiting to see where it will take the viewers this season. The show has a good combination of humor, action, mystery and adventure all well developed. The cast of actors and actresses work like a well oiled team and give depth of character in the roles that they portray. Keep up the good work and let us hope that the show can live on for several more season.

Will NCIS Los Angeles season 9 be released on DVD?

The show remains great including the two new cast members that we all love to hate. We hate them because they are playing their parts perfectly. Do you really want to love a replacement for Hetty? On the delivery side of things, I got only 13 of the 19 episodes. When I called Amazon help for the rest of them, they gave me Episode 14. So I called again and they said they could not deliver the rest of the 19 episodes. So I asked for a refund and they gave me one in the form of a gift card which, if Amazon sells the DVD down the road, I will use to buy the DVD. I’m sort of happy right now because at least I got to see Hetty returned — alive — to the fold.
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