Call The Midwife – The Complete Season 10 (NZ DVD)

Call The Midwife – The Complete Season 10 (NZ DVD)


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Call The Midwife – The Complete Season 10 DVD

Distributor: BBC
Release Date: Jun. 17th 2021
Language: English
Video Format: PAL Region 4
Number of Discs: 3

Where can I watch the new season of Call The Midwife?

Sister Frances is horrified by the unsanitary conditions in a tenement building where one of her patients lives, and enlists the help of Violet in her role as a councillor. When the building’s owner is tracked down, Trixie is surprised to find that it is Matthew Aylward and then shocked by his lack of action. Later he pledges financial aid to Nonnatus House in his wife’s memory, securing the convent’s future. Nancy removes her daughter from the orphanage over concerns the girl has been abused and the pair go missing for a time, but she is ultimately permitted to remain at Nonnatus House despite being an unmarried mother. A woman’s baby is born with Down syndrome and her husband initially finds it hard to deal with, but an encounter with Reggie changes his view. Cyril and Lucille announce their plan to marry at Christmas in Poplar.

What is the release date for Call The Midwife season 10?

Valerie has left Nonnatus House to work at Hope Clinic in South Africa. A circus is in town and the proprietor’s daughter is heavily pregnant; the proprietor himself has been concealing from her that he has been battling cancer. Shelagh encounters an old acquaintance who has experienced seven miscarriages and is reluctant to make proper preparations for her upcoming birth. At her godmother’s insistence, Trixie joins a “marriage bureau” but experiences unsatisfactory results. Sister Monica Joan breaks her leg in a fall and faces the prospect of spending weeks in hospital, but Lucille is insistent that she must be home for Christmas…

Will Call The Midwife season 10 be released on DVD?

Trixie befriends Fiona, a patient at the Lady Emily Clinic, but learns that the new mother has severe leukemia; Fiona dies shortly afterwards. Trixie is also shocked to find that abortions, still illegal at the time, are being carried out at the clinic, leading Sister Julienne to abandon plans for the partnership between the two organisations despite its potential impact on the convent’s finances. Lucille and Cyril help a family who have been made homeless. Sister Frances worries that, having been a nun since the age of 17, she is too unworldly to truly understand patients’ issues. Her influence, however, causes a husband to stand by his wife even though she has had a baby by another man…
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