Good Witch – The Complete Season 6 (NZ DVD)

Good Witch – The Complete Season 6 (NZ DVD)


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Genres: Fantasy
Starring: Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, James Denton
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Good Witch – The Complete Season 6 DVD

Release Date:
Language: English
Video Format: PAL Region 4
Number of Discs: 2

Where can I watch the new season of Good Witch?

Cassie has Joy realize that she shouldn’t be out for herself but does get her truck back. Meanwhile, Stephanie gets a surprise visit from ex-husband Wes, making Adam feel uneasy; Martha is spurred on by her publisher friend to write a book; Sam helps two patients, who were once married, to reconcile, while discovering that the watch Cassie gave him actually belonged to the couple and returned it to them; George spends time with a fellow Air Force veteran who’s visiting, and is looking for a kidney donor, which George volunteers; and Abigail helps out with Donovan’s campaign rally speech by finding a song from his past.

What is the release date for Good Witch season 6?

Cassie gives Sam the perfect anniversary gift, causing anxiety for him to do so in kind. Martha and Dotty Davenport vie for the new mayor’s mansion. Stephanie argues with her business partner about their food truck. Abigail and Donovan discover details about their respective families’ curses. Joy (Katherine Barrell), a new Grey House guest, won’t reveal to Cassie her reason for visiting Middleton, which seems to revolve around the Merriwicks. Cassie helps Joy mark her mother’s birthday by planting a tree. The two find a time capsule that Cassie and Grace buried. Joy is determined to learn more, when she captures a family tree picture, made by Grace, and a roll of camera film that fell off, which revealed pictures of Cassie’s parents that were taken by her mother when she was 7.

Will Good Witch season 6 be released on DVD?

After George finished the last photo picture, it revealed Cassie holding hands with her second cousin Julia (Joy’s mother), as Cassie discovers Joy is a Merriwick. Meanwhile, Sam, Donovan and George are preparing to enter the chili contest, Martha is pressured by Tom to start work on a footbridge she has been against, and Abigail’s father brings his girlfriend for a visit, in order to win Abigail’s blessing. Cassie and Abigail welcome Joy into the family, although they knew she was a Merriwick since her arrival and Cassie is skeptical about her cousin. A clock attracts the attention of Martha and Joy, but when it’s sold to another person named Carter in a estate sale, Joy challenges him to a game of darts. Cassie uses her intuition (causing the dart that hit the bullseye to fall on purpose) to make Joy lose her truck to Carter.
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