Grace and Frankie – The Complete Season 6 (NZ DVD)

Grace and Frankie – The Complete Season 6 (NZ DVD)


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Genres: Comedy
Starring: Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston
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Grace and Frankie – The Complete Season 6 DVD

Distributor: LIONSGATE
Release Date:
Language: English
Video Format: PAL Region 4
Number of Discs: 3

Where can I watch the new season of Grace and Frankie?

Grace pleads to Frankie to join her and Nick at a charity event. Robert and Sol host a celebrity game night with their children where everyone’s competitive drive surfaces. Grace is shocked at the age of the other wives she meets at her table. Frankie battles Jack, another donor, for a pair of donated shoes that were worn by Jerry Garcia. Grace makes a faux pas, criticizing the naive dreams of one of the wives she met. Robert and Sol both receive results about their recent visit to the doctor.

What is the release date for Grace and Frankie season 6?

Grace is concerned at how Frankie is nonchalant over her news. Brianna is disgusted when Barry tells her of the details of the DIY procedure of trying to get Liz and Erin pregnant. The families convene at Sol and Robert’s to celebrate Bud and Allison’s wedding. Coyote brings a date with him. Frankie’s speech to the happy couple has everybody in shock. Nick comes over, showing a DVD of his nuptials with Grace. Brianna helps Barry streamline his upcoming insemination procedure. Frankie bids goodbye to Grace as she leaves the house to start her married life.

Will Grace and Frankie season 6 be released on DVD?

Joan-Margaret tries to help Frankie get out of her funk over Grace leaving by paying someone for a day to literally clean up her life. Grace’s joint pains catch up to her. Sol and Robert discuss prospective ideas for their honeymoon. Brianna volunteers to be part of Barry’s insemination procedure. Grace hosts a dinner to meet the rest of Nick’s family, especially his son, but is shocked to discover that Nick’s current business partner, Miriam, is also his ex-wife. Sol finally takes swimming lessons to prepare for Robert’s dream honeymoon. Brianna botches her role in Barry’s insemination process, but finds a creative way to resolve it. Grace’s joint pain takes an embarrassing turn, so much so that she reaches out to Frankie for help instead of Nick.
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