New Amsterdam – The Complete Season 3 (NZ DVD)

New Amsterdam – The Complete Season 3 (NZ DVD)


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Genres: Medical Drama
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New Amsterdam – The Complete Season 3 DVD

Distributor: NBC
Release Date: Jun. 17th 2021
Language: English
Video Format: PAL Region 4
Number of Discs: 3

Where can I watch the new season of New Amsterdam?

Dr. Frome is pushed to his limits while dealing with a kid who seems to be hurt. He later confronts two girls who are friends and tries to make sense of it. Meanwhile, Max tries to make the hospital a better place for everyone and hands the Medical Director position to Dr. Sharpe, who is dealing with a family matter. Also, the staff tend to several people who were in an accident and one of the people involved is a man who only goes by the name “Superman”. Also, Dr. Reynolds deals with an issue involving his mom and tries to keep everything under control.

What is the release date for New Amsterdam season 3?

New Amsterdam returns amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the staff must act quickly to save who they can, including multiple victims of a plane crash. Doctor Kapoor is hanging in the balance and no one knows if he’s going to make it. Dr. Goodwin calls his former colleague Dr. Floyd Reynolds and he asks “How can I help?”.

Will New Amsterdam season 3 be released on DVD?

Max clamors about bringing Luna home. Sharpe breaks down while filming a PSA. Reynolds deals with family issues, which later results in Evie ending their engagement. Frome helps a young girl whose overprotective parents believe she should never go outside during the ongoing pandemic.
Ship from Sydney, Australia. Arrive NZ in 2-3 weeks via NZ Post, seller takes all the risk.

New Amsterdam Complete Series

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