Stargate Atlantis Complete Series 1-5 (NZ DVD)

Stargate Atlantis Complete Series 1-5 (NZ DVD)


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Genres: Science Fiction
Starring: Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Jason Momoa, Torri Higginson, Amanda Tapping
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Stargate Atlantis Seasons 1-5 DVD NZ

Distributor: WarnerBrothers
Release Date: Jan 01, 2021
Language: English
Video Format: PAL Region 4
Number of Discs: 25

Where can I watch stargate atlantis?

Stargate Atlantis, Season 4
With a damaged ZPM, and diminished hopes of survival, the Atlantis team finds themselves stranded in the middle of empty space with hardly any time before they run out of power completely. Dr. McKay is challenged to the max as he tries to find a way to save Atlantis from its doom. Meanwhile, Dr. Keller races to treat Weir’s increasing head injuries, but the only answer she can come up with could have grave results for everyone on board.

Stargate Atlantis, Season 5
Combat engineers from Atlantis work against the clock to rescue four of their colleagues who are now trapped in the rubble of Michael’s medical compound. With Michael en route, they quickly locate McKay and Major Lorne but Sheppard and Ronon are far deeper and their rescue is not assured. When Michael’s ship arrives, they decide to try to rescue Teyla who is in labor and close to giving birth. When it’s all over, Col. Carter is recalled to Earth for a performance review but Richard Woolsey has some bad news for her.

Where can I find stargate atlantis season 1-5?

Stargate Atlantis (usually stylized in all caps and often abbreviated SGA) is a Canadian-American adventure and military science fiction television series and part of MGM’s Stargate franchise. The show was created by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper as a spin-off series of Stargate SG-1, which was created by Wright and Jonathan Glassner and was itself based on the feature film Stargate (1994). All five seasons of Stargate Atlantis were broadcast by the Sci-Fi Channel in the United States and The Movie Network in Canada. The show premiered on July 16, 2004; its final episode aired on January 9, 2009. The series was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Where can I buy stargate atlantis tv series?

Stargate Atlantis, Season 1
A team of scientists think they have found the location of the long lost city of Atlantis. It can be reached by a Stargate address that leads to the Pegasus galaxy. Rodney can’t remove an Ancient device that makes him invincible but prevents him from eating or drinking. Meanwhile, there are power malfunctions throughout the city and one of the Athosians mentions seeing a shadow.

Stargate Atlantis, Season 2
The Daedalus arrives and the two hive ships are destroyed. Atlantis seems saved, then Zelenka detects 12 more ships. Ford seems changed after a fall in the water. McKay, Sheppard, Beckett and Weir are on the Daedalus. McKay finds a Wraith virus that is infecting ship systems and sending a signal to the Wraith. The team is searching for Ford on a planet. Teyla and Sheppard are taken hostage by a stranger, while Ford tries to convince McKay that he’s normal.

Stargate Atlantis, Season 3
On board the Wraith hive ship, Ronon Dex and Rodney McKay are taken prisoner after the Wraith reveal their true plot: to learn the location of Earth and use it as a feeding ground. Both Wraith ships manage to jump into hyperspace before the Daedalus or the Orion can inflict much damage. Sheppard however has found a way to travel along with them. When they come out of hyperspace, the battle begins. Elizabeth Weir is ordered to return to Stargate Command headquarters on Earth to be questioned by the International Oversight Advisory about her handling of the dealings.
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