Closer Look at Alita Revealed by Battle Angel SDCC Figure
Closer Look at Alita Revealed by Battle Angel SDCC Figure

A new Hot Toys figure on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 reveals a closer look at Rosa Salazar’s title character from Alita: Battle Angel.

San Diego Comic-Con featured a display for Alita: Battle Angel, revealing a new figure that gives a closer look at the title character. Rosa Salazar has a chance to take her career to the next level with the lead role, which used motion-capture to make her better resemble the character from the iconic original manga series. Alita could build some serious buzz in the coming months after getting its released date pushed to December 21, going up against Aquaman, Bumblebee, and other tent-pole films.

The first trailer for the James Cameron-produced, Robert Rodriguez-directed Alita showed off plenty of the impressive effects that bring the main character to life. It also gave good looks at the titular cyborg’s arms and hands, and showed her in battle against an assortment of other cybernetic foes. But the newest look at the character comes in the form of a detailed figure spotted at SDCC.

Check out a photo of the Alita figure below, thanks to a photo from the show floor snapped by Screen Rant’s Rob Keyes. The sixth-scale figure is brand new from Hot Toys and distributor Sideshow Collectibles. There’s no hiding Alita’s cyborg build in this item, which has her in full machine mode, in contrast to her plainclothes appearance in most of the first trailer. This appears to be a clear look at what Alita will look like when built with her “Berserker” body, based on a collectible statue that Sideshow also announced along with Prime 1 Studio.

Closer Look at Alita Revealed by Battle Angel SDCC Figure
Closer Look at Alita Revealed by Battle Angel SDCC Figure

The Hot Toys figure has no official release date or price just yet. Based on the display at SDCC, the collectible will, at the very least, come with a sword accessory in addition to the custom stand. This will be the first Alita-related figure released through the high-end collectible maker, as well as the first statue from Prime 1 Studio. The figure display is a smaller piece of promotion for the movie alongside its panel at SDCC, which will hold an Alita scavenger hunt to give away passes to the event.

For fans of the original manga series, and moviegoers who fall in love with Rodriguez’s adaptation, this Alita figure looks to be one of the best collectibles to own from the film. If Alita: Battle Angel turns out to be a hit at the box office, this item’s popularity could make a huge leap. It could depend on the power of the storytelling as much as the action and effects with Alita at the peak of her powers in “Berserker mode”.

Unfortunately for Cameron & co., some of the discussion surrounding Alita: Battle Angel in the wake of its teaser trailer focused on the effects used to create Salazar’s enlarged, stylized manga-style eyes as the title character. Alita’s ultra-realistic appearance seems to be running the risk of being too off-putting for some viewers, which is commonly known as the uncanny valley effect. Perhaps the next trailer will show more of the Berserker body in action and shift the focus to more positive aspects of the movie.