Dream Resident Evil 4 Double Kill Explosively Achieved By Streamer
Dream Resident Evil 4 Double Kill Explosively Achieved By Streamer

Resident Evil 4 streamer TheSphereHunter uploads a clip of herself killing two Garrradors with one rocket, a notoriously difficult technique.

A popular streamer recently recorded herself pulling off an impressive double kill on two of Resident Evil 4’s most frustrating enemies. Although the game is just over 16 years old, it remains one of the most popular entries in the series, with 566,000 followers on Twitch and rumors of a remake in the works. Resident Evil 4 would make chronological sense as the next mainline game in the series to receive the remake treatment by Capcom as the remakes of both Resident Evil 2 and 3 were released to significant acclaim over the past two years.

Of course, when a game is 16 years old, there is only so much staying power in playing through it normally. Because of this, many players revel in the task of clearing the game in different ways and under self-imposed challenges. For example, YouTuber Dante Ravioli has uploaded 12 videos where he completes Resident Evil 4 without running, without using the merchant, only using rocket launchers, and in one of his most popular videos, defeating the Verdugo boss by kicking a door open into it for two hours. There is perhaps no greater testament to a game’s longevity than when gamers are willing to sink such significant amounts of time into experiencing it in every possible way.

On Twitter, streamer TheSphereHunter shared a clip from her most recent stream where she managed to defeat two of the game’s Garradors with a single rocket launcher. The room in question is one of the most notoriously difficult in the whole of Resident Evil 4, where Leon is tasked with fighting off two of the game’s most difficult enemies in addition to a couple of Ganados who exist solely to make life more difficult. While most players tackle this by first firing a rocket launcher directly down the middle of the room, which kills one of the Garradors instantly, TheSphereHunter is seen nimbly dodging the Ganados before lining up both Garradors and firing a single rocket into both of them. Although the stronger of the two Garradors still requires an additional knife to the back to take down, using one rocket on both enemies is a technique that is extremely difficult to pull off. TheSphereHunter muses on the significance of this feat herself in the moments leading up to it, mentioning that she’s “dreamed about this moment.”

To anyone who has never played a Resident Evil game, using one rocket to defeat two enemies may not seem like cause for celebration. However, Resident Evil 4 follows in the shoes of its predecessors by giving the player fairly limited ammunition throughout the game. This, in conjunction with how many standard bullets are required to kill just one Garrador, make this area of the game a hurdle that can be nigh impossible even if the player is prepared. As Twitter user @Lienpockets stated in the replies to the video, “That’s one of the hardest parts of the game. I remember dreading it every time I played.” The difficulty factor is increased further when accounting for how dangerous the Garradors themselves are; the monsters employ a deadly combination of extreme speed and devastating attacks.

If, or rather when, a Resident Evil 4 remake happens, players will once again be forced to conquer the two Garradors in this anxiety-inducing corridor. At that time, gamers can only hope that it is still possible to defeat both with a single rocket. However, if the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 are any indication, Capcom will not give fans anything to worry about in terms of the Resident Evil 4 remake’s overall quality.


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