Every DC Hero Chosen To Save Time In Generations Shattered
Every DC Hero Chosen To Save Time In Generations Shattered

In DC’s Generations Shattered, heroes from across time have been chosen and recruited to save the DC timeline from complete destruction.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Generations Shattered #1 from Dan Jurgens, Robert Venditti, and Andy Schmidt

In the aftermath of DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Death Metal, time is collapsing. Time storms are ravaging the DC Universe in Generations Shattered #1, completely destroying and erasing large chunks of the time stream piece by piece. In order to counter this great threat, Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth has been chosen to assemble the greatest team of heroes from across the DC timeline to save time itself, and the roster is quite impressive.

Generations Shattered #1 comes from writers Dan Jurgens, Robert Venditti, and Andy Schmidt. It features a massive team of all-star artists taking on different sections of the 80-page issue in order to better depict and differentiate the various points in the DC timeline being visited. The superstar lineup of artists includes Ivan Reis, John Romita Jr., Kevin Nowlan, Rags Morales, Doug Braithwaite, Ema Lupacchino, and several more. In the first few pages, Kamandi is chosen by an elderly Booster Gold to complete his mission along with his droid Skeets: to unite a team capable of stopping the time storms erasing everything they come in contact with.

As Kamandi and Skeets travel through the time steam, their first recruit is meant to be Brainiac-5 of the Legion of Superheroes, but Kamandi accidentally grabs Superboy instead. They then interrupt Steel’s battle with the Cyborg Superman, pulling Steel away to join the team, most likely for his equal amounts of strength and intellect. Likewise, they then recruit the superpowered scientist Kimiyo Hoshi, otherwise known as Doctor Light. While Kamandi is then supposed to recruit Superman to help lead the team, they are too late and the Man of Steel is lost to one of the time storms. So they get a younger Booster Gold instead. Starfire is next, as Skeets says that they need the most powerful member of the Teen Titans to join their ranks. Lastly, the final two recruits are arguably the most intriguing additions to the new DC team: Sinestro and Batman. However, what makes their additions so interesting is not simply who they are, but when they are respectively pulled from time. Sinestro is pulled from a time when he was still a Green Lantern and hero, while Batman is pulled from 1939, resulting in several concepts such as time travel being extremely new and foreign to the early Dark Knight.

Every DC Hero Chosen To Save Time In Generations Shattered
Every DC Hero Chosen To Save Time In Generations Shattered

Now that they’ve all been assembled and gathered at the time-monitoring station known as the Vanishing Point, the heroes barely have any time to process and meet one another. They’re all quickly attacked by the brainwashed Linear Men in service to Dominus, the one who has been altering time for his own ends. His actions and manipulations are what has resulted in the destruction and death of so many timelines, and he intends to continue doing so unopposed. However, while Dominus should have been able to simply wipe the heroes’ minds of his existence, the new team is unaffected by his power, and he declares them aberrations as a result, which may be way they were specifically chosen in the first place.

At the end of the issue, Dominus changes tactics by splitting up and casting out the members of the team to different parts of the dying timelines, leaving very little hope for the heroes to get back together before the end of everything. Regardless, more multiversal mayhem and havoc to the DC timeline is sure to follow in future issues of Generations Shattered from DC Comics, and hopefully it will turn out in the heroes’ favor.



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