Fall Guys: How to Get The Free Twitch Don Bundle
Fall Guys: How to Get The Free Twitch Don Bundle

The Don Bundle is a free Amazon Prime Gaming package for Fall Guys that features the yellow Don costume and three Crowns that can be spent in-game.

The Fall Guys Twitch Don Bundle is available to claim for free, and it comes with a Don Costume that has a clover and slime pin attached to the costume, as well as three Crowns. The Don Bundle is available on PC and PlayStation only, meaning Nintendo Switch and Xbox users will, unfortunately, miss out on the rewards. While the bundle is technically free, those who are looking to claim the reward must have an Amazon Prime account to be eligible for the rewards.

There are multiple games that have Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards set up for players to grab every month, such as Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and many more. The Don Bundle for Fall Guys is a purely cosmetic outfit that features a yellow hat and trench coach for players to wear, while the Crowns can be spent on other in-game items. Players that have Amazon Prime can take full advantage of the bundle, so long as they link their PlayStation or Steam account to their Amazon Prime membership.

To receive Prime Gaming benefits, players must have either an annual or monthly membership with Amazon Prime, Prime Student, or Amazon Prime free trials. In countries where Amazon Prime is unavailable, those with Prime video-only memberships are eligible to claim the gaming rewards as well. After confirming that the eligibility requirement has been met, login into Fall Guys to receive the free Twitch Prime Gaming bundle.


How To Claim The Don Bundle In Fall Guys


Fall Guys: How to Get The Free Twitch Don Bundle
Fall Guys: How to Get The Free Twitch Don Bundle

Once Fall Guys is up and running, go to Settings and then select Profile to find the Link Amazon Account option. This will provide players with a unique code that allows their Amazon Prime and Fall Guys accounts to be linked. Follow along with the instructions on Fall Guys and access the Amazon website to enter the code. After the accounts are linked, the Fall Guys Don Bundle can be claimed in the Prime Gaming menu online. Afterward, restart Fall Guys to ensure the rewards appear.

New Fall Guys bundles will be available in the future, and they’re likely to contain more costumes, Crowns, or Kudos. It’s a good idea to routinely check every month to see if a new bundle has been released, particularly because it’s an easy way to get Crowns in Fall Guys without having to compete against other players. There are not any future dates released for the upcoming bundles, but the Fall Guys section of Prime Gaming does show more bundles planned out for the next six months at the very least.



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