Fast & Furious Introduces A More Powerful Cyborg Than Hobbs & Shaw
Fast & Furious Introduces A More Powerful Cyborg Than Hobbs & Shaw

The Fast & Furious franchise introduces a more powerful cyborg than Idris Elba’s Brixton from Hobbs & Shaw thanks to Spy Racers season 6.

The Fast & Furious franchise just introduced a more powerful cyborg than even Brixton in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Universal’s street-racing franchise has evolved from stealing DVD players to focusing on some incredibly advanced pieces of technology. The more powerful technology has allowed the threats to become bigger, too. Fast & Furious 9 used a giant car magnet to wreak havoc across the world, while Hobbs & Shaw used Idris Elba’s Brixton to bring cyborgs and supersuits to the series. However, Elba’s Brixton is no longer the most powerful cyborg around.

While the Fast & Furious franchise is mostly concentrated on making some of the biggest movies in the world, it also expanded in recent years with an animated Netflix series, Fast & Furious Spy Racers. The show is responsible for introducing some major technological breakthroughs, such as invisible cars and underwater cars. These inventions have yet to make their way into the Fast & Furious movies, but the series constantly evolves what is possible in this universe. This now includes introducing an incredibly powerful cyborg.

For Fast & Furious Spy Racers season 6, the show’s villain was a new cyborg known as DANN. The villain began as an advanced AI program developed by Mr. Nobody and Ms. Nowhere’s secret organization. The program evolves to think for itself and is uploaded to a top-secret cyborg body. That is where DANN turns against humanity and becomes a threat the Spy Racers team attempts to stop. As a cyborg with an advanced AI, DANN poses a huge problem. The cyborg knows everything the Spy Racers are going to do and repeatedly outsmart them. But, the cyborg body it has also means it is much more powerful than Hobbs & Shaw’s Brixton. The latter was incredibly strong but not nearly as powerful as DANN. Fast & Furious’ new cyborg can overpower multiple opponents with ease, while Brixton was ultimately beaten by Hobbs and Shaw. It also has the ability to change its appearance using technology.

Fast & Furious Introduces A More Powerful Cyborg Than Hobbs & Shaw
Fast & Furious Introduces A More Powerful Cyborg Than Hobbs & Shaw

On top of how DANN’s power levels compare to Brixton’s, Spy Racers’ cyborg arguably has a more dangerous plan. Hobbs & Shaw’s cyborg was a pawn in Eteon’s plan to release a virus that would kill half of the world’s population. DANN wanted to melt the arctic to raise sea levels in an effort to reverse the effects of global warming. While that is an understandable cause, the end result of this meant putting some of the world’s biggest cities underwater – which would be a devastating event. The loss of life could potentially be less than Brixton’s plan, but DANN’s means rebuilding a large portion of the world.

Ultimately, Fast & Furious Spy Racers’ cyborg is a more powerful villain than Hobbs & Shaw’s. DANN is a legit cyborg, while Brixton is a human with cybernetic implants to make him superhuman. While Fast & Furious Spy Racers season 6 ended DANN’s story, the presence of this technology could pave the way for Brixton to return and be more powerful in Fast & Furious’ future.