Grimm: “Bears Will Be Bears” Review
Grimm: "Bears Will Be Bears" Review

New fairy tale characters, death, kidnapping, and dismembering – Bears Will Be Bears has it all. This fast-paced episode also went a little more into the procedural, detective aspect of the series.

Gilda (who has golden locks) and her boyfriend Rocky break into houses of the rich, drink wine and test out the beds. This time they chose the wrong house. They put themselves in the path of a race of bears who are on the hunt for prey for their rite of passage ritual. You can bet that hasn’t happened to them before.

When the owners of the home report the break-in, they are shocked to learn that Rocky is missing. Or are they? Nick and Hank visit the house to investigate, and Nick notices unusual things like deep claw marks on the wall. When the son shows up with friends, his guard slips and Nick sees his true face.

After sketching a picture for Marie, he learns the family is a race of bear like creatures. The son is coming of age and that means a ritual hunt with humans on the menu. Nick involves Hank but manages to do so without explaining the fairy tale aspect. He’s playing it smart, but it will be interesting to see how long he can keep his two worlds separate. With the help of the teenager’s father, Nick is able to find Gilda and Rocky before they turn into the main course.

Eddie makes a repeat appearance, and it’s obvious he will be a source of knowledge for Nick. He even calls himself Nick’s “Grimmpedia.” It seems an unlikely, but not surprising, friendship is forming between them. Eddie even agrees to watch over Marie when the police captain (who’s a Reaper) removes Marie’s security detail in the hospital. I’m in favor of more Eddie. Silas Weir Mitchell brightens any scene he’s in – even when he’s ripping arms out of sockets.

The only thing lacking? More about the Grimms. I like that we are learning about the darker world under the surface with Nick, but I was hoping Marie would tell him more. The Reapers got to her though, and she dies in Nick’s arms. She did reveal that the Reapers after her are members of a secret organization dedicated to killing Grimms. She also mentioned her trailer was still a secret and suggested Nick should keep it that way. I’m not sure how the Reapers tailed her without noticing the giant silver trailer, but since it’s apparently valuable, it’s good she didn’t.

If these initial episodes are any indication, the show will put a modern spin on a classic fairy tale each week. The procedural aspect makes the creatures feel more like supernatural occurrences than bedtime stories, but it works. The translation isn’t heavy-handed either. By that, I mean they don’t slap you in the face with the fairy tale hints. They embed signs and symbols into the story, and you can tell which story they’re interpreting. It’s so enjoyable that I will forgive them for the unfortunate choice of Papyrus font in the opening scene.