Is Central Park Related To Bob’s Burgers?
Is Central Park Related To Bob's Burgers?

Bob’s Burgers and Central Park share a creator, style, and sense of humor, but could they take place in the same universe… or Burgerverse?

The long-running animated comedy Bob’s Burgers and the newer Central Park were both created by Loren Bouchard and share an animation style and off-kilter sense of humor. This has lead to plenty of discussion about whether the two shows could also share the same universe, or maybe a Burgerverse. So far there’s no explicit evidence that the two series share the same world, but a future crossover remains very possible.

Central Park is a musical comedy that streams on Apple TV+ and tells the story of an eccentric family who lives in New York’s famous park and tries to care for it. The family is opposed by the rich Bitsy, whose goal is to undermine Central Park in order to buy the land and turn it into condos. Central Park’s all-star cast includes Kristen Bell, Titus Burgess, Kathryn Hahn, and Stanley Tucci, and the series has received a positive critical response.

The shared creator and artistic style have lead many to speculate about the possibility of a crossover or shared universe, including some of the cast. In an interview with Josh Gad, who voices the fourth-wall-breaking busker Birdie, says “I’d love for a Bob’s crossover, I keep begging Loren. It would be such a thrill.” Gad also mentions a potential crossover with Rick & Morty, but the more grounded Bob’s Burgers sounds like a better fit.

Is Central Park Related To Bob's Burgers?
Is Central Park Related To Bob’s Burgers?

While they air on separate platforms, Bob’s Burgers and Central Park are both produced by 20th Television Animation, part of the former FOX, making a crossover more likely. Central Park is set in the real-world New York, or at least a cartoon version of it, while Bob’s Burgers is set in an unnamed town that many speculate is located in New Jersey, meaning the two families could easily run into each other. While both shows are prone to flights of fancy, nothing has happened in either that would eliminate the possibility of them existing in the same universe.

Bob’s Burgers has previously crossed over with Archer, playing off both show’s title characters being voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, who also portrays Mayor Whitney Whitebottom in Central Park. The episode saw an amnesiac Archer manning the grill at Bob’s Burgers. While this crossover was only acknowledged in Archer, it does mean that any proposed Burgerverse would also theoretically include the spy adventures of Sterling Archer.

The Belchers and Tillerman families aren’t likely to team up to save the world, but a potential crossover between Bob’s Burgers and Central Park could still be an epic event for fans of animated comedy and establish a shared “Burgerverse” between Loren Bouchard’s animated series and potentially beyond. Even if there is never an explicit crossover, the two shows share a creator, a distinctive style, a sense of humor, and an appreciation for weird kids and musical numbers.