Lucifer Season 6 Turns An Angel Comic Detail Into Torture
Lucifer Season 6 Turns An Angel Comic Detail Into Torture

Lucifer season 6 gives a nod to the comics with a revealing animated sequence that references a classic feature of angelic anatomy. Or lack thereof.


Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Lucifer season 6, episode 3, “Yabba Dabba Do Me.”

One episode of Lucifer season 6 turned one man’s torture into the Lord of Hell’s torment, with a Hell-Loop that also gave a knowing nod to the lore of the comics regarding the anatomy of angels. Specifically, how angels in the Vertigo Comics universe lack genitals. Curiously, this does not stop them from being able to enjoy sexual intercourse, though the exact mechanics are left to the imaginations of the reader.

The main story of Lucifer season 6 found Lucifer Morningstar preparing himself to return to the Silver City and ascend the throne of Heaven, taking over for his father, God, after his retirement. As part of these preparations, Lucifer began training himself for the role with the assistance of his true love, Chloe Decker, having decided that if he could work to help someone he actively hated, he could prove that he could do God’s work, despite not feeling that he could truly be all-loving. To that end, the two traveled to Hell, where they entered into the personal hell of Jimmy Barnes, who was the same murderer who brought Lucifer and Chloe together several years earlier in the first episode of Lucifer.

To their surprise, Jimmy Barnes’ Hell-Loop was rendered in the style of a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, an occurrence that Lucifer said he had never seen before in all his years in Hell. Beyond being dominated by animated physics, Lucifer was also horrified to discover that, like many anthropomorphized animal characters, he didn’t have genitalia in this world, and had “become a smoothie.” While this was an amusing sight-gag, it was also a sly nod to the Lucifer comics that inspired the show.


Lucifer Season 6 Turns An Angel Comic Detail Into Torture
Lucifer Season 6 Turns An Angel Comic Detail Into Torture

In the reality of the Vertigo Comics universe where Lucifer was set, angels were depicted as beautiful yet androgynous beings with no clear physical gender, though Lucifer’s face was based on legendary singer David Bowie. While Lucifer identified as male, this seemed to be a matter of personal identity, as he was also shown to be lacking genitalia Interestingly, Gwendoline Christine will be playing Lucifer in the upcoming Netflix series based on The Sandman, which the Lucifer comic series spun out of in 2000. Yet despite his apparent physical limitations, Lucifer was still able to father a son and had a sex life of sorts with the demon Mazikeen, though the question of how remained unanswered despite the inquiring mind of one nosy cherub.

It is worth noting that the question of whether or not angels have genitals has been the source of some serious scholarly debate among religious experts. Most believe that angels, being pure beings without physical bodies, would have no need for reproductive organs since they are not meant to reproduce. Whatever the case, in the world of Lucifer, angels quite definitely have the appropriate equipment to enjoy sex, as Lucifer Morningstar has shown time and again.



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