Noita: How to Discover East & West Worlds
Noita: How to Discover East & West Worlds

Noita is a very difficult game, but players can have fun exploring all of its secrets. This guide shows players how to discover parallel worlds.

Roguelike game Noita is incredibly difficult to play but can be very rewarding for those who put a lot of time into it. As players progress through each run they will be able to discover a wide array of different spells, wands, and other items to help them progress further into the game. On top of this, there is even a multitude of different secrets for players to find on their journey as well.

One of the most intriguing secrets that players will be able to discover is not something that is readily apparent but will allow them to access to an alternate version of the world they are currently exploring. These East and West versions of the map are near identical to the world that the player begins in, but could potentially have different drops or items for them to discover or grant them additional versions of power-ups already acquired. This guide shows players how to access East and West worlds.

Noita: How To Access East And West Worlds

Noita: How to Discover East & West Worlds
Noita: How to Discover East & West Worlds

In order to make it to these alternate versions of the world, players will need to travel all the way East or West that they possibly can. Once here they will run into a wall that extends infinitely all the way into the sky that is impenetrable by the majority of weapons in the game. Once players pierce through it though they will find themselves in a near-identical version of their current location that will be named the East or West version depending on which wall they broke through.

In order to break through it, players will have a few different options at their disposal. A slow but easy way to dig through it is to acquire a wand with Luminous Drill or Chainsaws can allow players to push through the rock. By far the easiest way though is to acquire the earthquake spell, which will completely demolish a vast amount of the rock but will cost players a lot of mana.

The main issue though is that about halfway through the wall there will be a segment of cursed rock that will deal damage to the player if they stand on it. A few ways to deal with this are to either continuously heal using the Lively Concoction potion or by more effectively using a polymorph potion to transform into a giant worm. This will allow the player to quickly eat through the rock before being damaged. Once players find themselves on the other side they can start looking for new items like emerald tablets they may have missed in the starting world.