Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Actor Teases Unexpected Moments
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Actor Teases Unexpected Moments

Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green says to expect the unexpected with the twists and turns in the upcoming season 5 of the series.

Star Trek: Discovery just started production on season 5, and actor Sonequa Martin-Green teases the unexpected moments to come. The series was created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for the streaming service CBS All Access, which was later rebranded to Paramount+. Premiering in 2017, Discovery is the seventh Star Trek series, and it has been met with positive critical and audience responses. Discovery became the most-viewed original series on Paramount+, just as it was on All Access, and it began a Star Trek universe expansion, spawning the companion series Star Trek: Short Treks and the spin-off Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Discovery opens about ten years before the start of Star Trek: The Original Series. The series primarily follows Michael Burnham (played by Martin-Green), a Vulcan-raised human who maintains her rebellious side along with the logic. She goes from a reckless mutineer to a science specialist on the USS Discovery, and eventually, she becomes the captain of the ship. While Burnham rises through the ranks, the ship also makes a 900-year jump into the 32nd century, where the crew of the Discovery investigate the “Burn” and help rebuild the Federation in the mysterious event’s continuing fallout.

Now, as Discovery gears up for season 5, Martin-Green talks to GamesRadar about the big moments of season 4 and what to expect next. Season 5 was ordered in January 2022, but it is not expected for release until 2023, so fans are anxious to learn where the crew of the Discovery will end up. Martin-Green gives an exciting answer in the interview. Read the exchange below:


GR: Season five has just started production. The show always throws curveballs like the Mirror Universe or the 32nd Century. Can we expect the unexpected? Does that track for the new season?


Martin-Green: I think that’s a great phrase, I’m going to steal it. Expect the unexpected. I think that is exactly right. The three words I would use to describe season five are ‘refreshing, invigorating, and lovely.’


Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Actor Teases Unexpected Moments
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Actor Teases Unexpected Moments

While Martin-Green’s response does not reveal much, it hints at a world of possibilities. Discovery has created the opportunity to explore quite a bit by sending the ship and its crew so far into the future. This gives the show its own space without having to worry too much about being consistent with the other series’ events and characters; Discovery went from a prequel of The Original Series to a sequel with the time jump.

This choice also gives the writers and creators of the show license to play with the characters and technology, which has had 900 years to develop now. It is indeed refreshing to see new twists on Star Trek classics. Martin-Green’s Burnham has the unique task of being a captain in a ship stuck out of its time, so the challenges are steep and unlike anything she has faced before. As Star Trek: Discovery continues to play with the future, viewers can be sure of many unexpected surprises and developments in season 5.