Stranger Things Fans Campaign To Bring Back Dead Character In Season 5
Stranger Things Fans Campaign To Bring Back Dead Character In Season 5

Stranger Things fans are campaigning to bring back a dead character in season 5, creating a petition that has already amassed 13k signatures.

Stranger Things season 4 saw the death of a few major characters and fans of the series are campaigning to bring one back for season 5. The latest chapter of the Netflix series marked the introductions of a few new characters, namely the terrifying new threat of Vecna, a super-powered being living in the Upside Down killing random teenagers throughout Hawkins. Though separated across the country, Eleven, Mike and their friends must figure out why Vecna is on a murderous streak and how to put a stop to him before it’s too late.

Split across two volumes and premiering nearly three years after its predecessor, Stranger Things season 4 has scored more acclaim from critics and audiences alike for its shift towards a darker and mature tone, expansion of its world and the performances of its cast. As expected, the series continued to break multiple viewership records, surpassing Bridgerton season 2 with over 287 million hours viewed in the first three days of volume 1’s premiere. Development on Stranger Things season 5 is progressing smoothly, with David Harbour recently confirming filming is expected to kick off next year, but audiences are holding out hope for one major character to return.

After a month between volumes, Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 arrived this past weekend and saw a few major character deaths, including Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson. The death of the fan-favorite new character left many fans up in arms and has led to a campaign calling for Eddie’s return in season 5 with a petition on Having launched the day after season 4’s premiere, the Stranger Things fan campaign has already attracted just shy of 14k signatures from those hoping for Eddie’s return.


Stranger Things Fans Campaign To Bring Back Dead Character In Season 5
Stranger Things Fans Campaign To Bring Back Dead Character In Season 5

Quinn’s Eddie Munson quickly became a favorite amongst Stranger Things season 4 fans with his eccentric charm and easy rapport with both Gaten Matarazzo’s Dustin and Joe Keery’s Steve. Fans quickly — and rightly — felt concerned for Eddie’s fate as the season progressed as he became the town pariah, who accused him of Satanism and killing Grace Van Dien’s Chrissy, while also being in the presence of multiple Vecna murders. Eddie would get an emotional close to his arc as he sacrificed himself in the Stranger Things season 4 finale to allow Dustin time to escape the Upside Down by distracting the demobats.

Audiences aren’t the only ones hopeful for Eddie to return in Stranger Things season 5, with Quinn recalling his hilarious initial reaction to learning of his character’s death as being disappointed while also recently pitching his own idea for how he could come back as a figment of Dustin’s imagination to help him process and confirming he would support a campaign for his return. While the Duffers have recently confirmed Eddie met his end in season 4, the fact writing is currently underway on season 5 could see audiences get their wish should the fan campaign make its way to the creators. In the meantime, audiences can revisit Eddie’s time in the sun with Stranger Things season 4 streaming in its entirety on Netflix now.



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