Supernatural: When Is Dean Winchester’s Birthday?
Supernatural: When Is Dean Winchester's Birthday?

Dean is one half of Supernatural’s dynamic Winchester brothers and has gone through a lot over the course of 15 seasons. Here’s his birthday.

He’s had plenty of deathdays but what is the birthday of Supernatural’s Dean Winchester? The first season of Supernatural arrived in 2005 and followed the ongoing exploits of Winchester brothers Dean and Sam. The format of the show could basically be summed up as a road trip version of The X-Files, as the brothers drove around hunting various creatures and demons. This formula combined with the chemistry between stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (House Of Wax) proved robust enough to see Supernatural through fifteen seasons.

Whenever Supernatural was in danger of growing stale, the showrunners would add a new twist or character to spice things up, like Misha Collin’s Castiel. The show received a short-lived spinoff with Supernatural: The Anime Series in 2011, and it even had a crossover episode with Scooby-Doo in season 13. The series will come to an end with season 15, but there’s always a chance it could return further down the road for a movie spinoff. The Winchester brothers have certainly been through a lot, so once the show is done, they deserve at least a few years off.

Supernatural has been so consuming for the leads over that years that, outside of occasional movie projects like My Bloody Valentine or video game The 3rd Birthday, Jensen Ackles has rarely stepped outside the show. Poor Dean Winchester has certainly shouldered a lot throughout the show, including a stay in Hell, bearing the Mark of Cain and seeing most of his loved ones die. He still somehow managed to keep a sense of humor through it all – likely as a way to keep sane.

Supernatural: When Is Dean Winchester's Birthday?
Supernatural: When Is Dean Winchester’s Birthday?

Supernatural’s Dean Winchester was born January 24th, 1979 but never had much of a chance of a normal upbringing. After his mother was killed when he was only four, his father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Walking Dead) raised his sons to be hunters of supernatural creatures. Dean is the more laidback of the brothers but would follow John’s orders without question, but this created a rift between him and Sam. The latter left his father and brother to pursue a normal life, which was torn apart when Dean came to ask him for help with finding the missing John at the start of season 1.

Dean Winchester also has a love of junk food, rock music and – of course – his Impala. Dean only has one birthday but he’s had a good few deathdays over the years too, including Supernatural season 3’s “Mystery Spot,” where the Winchesters are locked in a nightmarish, Groundhog Day-style time loop. Sam has to watch Dean die over and over again, which includes being shot, getting hit by a car and even by tacos. Hopefully, he won’t have a permanent one when the season 15 finale rolls around.


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