‘The Last Ship’ Renewed For Season 3 By TNT
'The Last Ship' Renewed For Season 3 By TNT

TNT has renewed the Michael Bay-produced action/adventure series ‘The Last Ship’ for a third season, which will debut in 2016.

Summer 2015 has lacked the spectacle of a Michael Bay movie in theaters, but some hardly felt it thanks to the efforts of the Bay-produced The Last Ship on TNT. Bay will return to the big screen in early 2016 with the release of his true story-inspired military thriller 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, but it seems the cable channe; isn’t done with its own Bay product just yet.

It’s been revealed that TNT has ordered The Last Ship for a third season, which will debut about a year after season two. In addition, the network revealed the current season will be ending on a cliffhanger for its finale, much like season one did before it.

For those behind on their Last Ship viewing, here’s the official rundown of what’s been happening during the show’s second season:

In the second season of The Last Ship, the crew of the Nathan James has begun disseminating the cure developed by paleomicrobiologist Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhonda Mitra). Their arrival back on U.S. soil, however, has been met with opposition in the form of a new world order under the leadership of Amy Granderson (guest star Alfre Woodward). To make matters worse, Chandler and his crew now face a new enemy: the Immunes, a group of naturally immune survivors bent on taking over the world.

The Last Ship season three will air on TNT in Summer 2016 for thirteen episodes, which is the same amount as season two (and three more than season one). Previously-aired episodes for season two of the series – which, according to TNT, ranks as “the summer’s #1 scripted series on basic cable with key 25-54” – are now available to subscribers through set-top VOD, as well as TNT’s official website and the Watch TNT mobile apps.

'The Last Ship' Renewed For Season 3 By TNT
‘The Last Ship’ Renewed For Season 3 By TNT

There was some question concerning The Last Ship’s sustainability as a TV series – considering it (spoiler?) discovered the cure for its global pandemic in the back half of its first season – but the show has been quick to elaborate that finding the cure was only a first step. Now the crew of the Nathan James must deal with the challenge of getting the said cure out to the populous, while also fighting against rouge factions that want the world to remain as it is (in order to seize control for themselves).

Overall, there’s been a lot to love about The Last Ship season two, especially now that the Nathan James crew is working with the newly discovered sitting president of the United States. The world is only getting bigger while, at the same time, the character relationships are getting more personal and interconnected. A season three renewal really is a no brainer given that – not to mention, TNT is still going to need some kind of post-apocalyptic show on its slate now that Falling Skies is headed on its way out in 2015.