‘The Outer Limits’ Movie to Be Written by ‘Sinister’ Duo
'The Outer Limits' Movie to Be Written by 'Sinister' Duo

Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill are teaming up again to write a new movie based on sci-fi TV series, ‘The Outer Limits’.

As one of two anthology television series with a focus on science fiction from the 1960s (the other being The Twilight Zone), The Outer Limits has retained a strong following among sci-fi fans. Though The Outer Limits only ran for two seasons originally, Showtime revived the series in 1995 until 1999 when the show moved to the Sci-fi Channel before it was cancelled in 2002. Experienced sci-fi writer, Harlan Ellison (Masters of Science Fiction) wrote for both runs of The Outer Limits — he also served as a creative consultant on The Twilight Zone.

One of Ellison’s episodes of The Outer Limits that aired in the ‘60s, “Demon With a Glass Hand”, will serve as the inspiration for a film based on the TV series that MGM has been developing – one which we now know is to be written by the duo behind 2012’s Sinister.

THR is reporting that Scott Derrickson (Deliver Us From Evil), who recently signed on to direct Marvel’s Doctor Strange, will reunite with his Sinister co-writer, C. Robert Cargill to pen a script for MGM’s movie based on The Outer Limits. Mark Victor (Poltergeist) will produce the film via his company, Mark Victor Productions.

Derrickson and Cargill will be basing the script specifically on the episode “Demon With a Glass Hand”, which follows the lone survivor of Earth who travels back in time to uncover the mysterious disappearance of humankind. With help from his computerized hand, the man must outrun an alien race who believe him to be the key to their survival, and learn the truth — though it’s more terrifying than he would have expected.

'The Outer Limits' Movie to Be Written by 'Sinister' Duo
‘The Outer Limits’ Movie to Be Written by ‘Sinister’ Duo

Although there are elements of horror and suspense to the plot of “Demon With a Glass Hand”, the story falls much more into the sci-fi genre. Derrickson, a long-time fan of The Outer Limits (who admits to preferring it to The Twilight Zone), however, has largely worked within the horror genre. Similarly, Doctor Strange delves less into the science of superheroes and more into the mystical, which leaves The Outer Limits as a bit of an outlier. (Sidenote: Derrickson did previously direct the Day the Earth Stood Still remake, but he didn’t have a hand in writing that film’s script.)

However, given Derrickson’s appreciation of The Outer Limits, perhaps he will be able to pen a screenplay worthy of the Ellison’s, which won a Writers Guild of America award for outstanding script. As for Ellison, it’s currently unclear what involvement – if any – he will have with The Outer Limits film.