Which Martin Scorsese Film Has The Most F-Bombs?
Which Martin Scorsese Film Has The Most F-Bombs?

Martin Scorsese has directed several classics from Taxi Driver to The Irishman, but which of his films carries the most f-bombs?

Martin Scorsese movies are known for dropping the occasional swear word, but which of his films has the biggest amount of f-bombs? Martin Scorsese made his directorial debut with 1967’s Who’s That Knocking At My Door and he would soon evolve into one of cinema’s greatest auteurs. His work really started to take off with Mean Streets in 1973, which he would follow with an incredible run of movies. This includes his many collaborations with Robert De Niro such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and The King Of Comedy, which was a big influence on Todd Philips’ Joker.

Whereas a lot of major filmmakers can lose their mojo as they get older, Martin Scorsese is still on top of his game. In 2019 his gangster opus The Irishman arrived on Netflix, which united De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino for one of Scorsese’s most acclaimed films. In the last decade alone he’s made greats like Hugo, Silence and The Wolf Of Wall Street, and his next film Killers Of The Flower Moon will pair his two favorite leading men Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

Most of Martin Scorsese’s filmography falls squarely in the R-rated category, with some featuring shocking scenes of violence. A lot of his work can be pretty foul-mouthed too, with three of his films being in the official top 20 of movies with the most f-bombs. Topping the list with an ear-watering 935 counts of the f word is 2014’s Swearnet: The Movie, while Scorsese’s highest rank in the chart is The Wolf Of Wall Street’s with a very respectable 569.

Which Martin Scorsese Film Has The Most F-Bombs?
Which Martin Scorsese Film Has The Most F-Bombs?

Given that The Wolf Of Wall Street explores excess in just about all its forms, it feels fitting it would chart that high. Next up is 1995’s Casino, which has 422 f-bombs, bringing it up to number 6 on the list, while Goodfellas is number 16 with 300 f-bombs. Other entries in the top 10 include Spike Lee’s Summer Of Sam with 435 examples, Gary Oldman’s searing British drama Nil By Mouth with 428 and Uncut Gems with 408.

After Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese’s next entry is The Departed at number 35, with a relatively modest 237 f-bombs. Of course, these films are about a lot more than characters swearing too much, and each one is acclaimed in its own right. It’s also unlikely that Scorsese will ever top The Wolf Of Wall Street’s record – or Swearnet: The Movie’s for that matter – though stranger things have happened.