Why D&D Dark Alliance Is Better (& Easier) With Friends
Why D&D Dark Alliance Is Better (& Easier) With Friends

Dungeons & Dragons’ latest video game, Dark Alliance, can be tough to play solo, but there are a few reasons why it’s easier with friends in co-op.

Developer Tuque Games has been pretty outspoken that Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is meant to be played with friends. The game, which releases this week, takes place in Icewind Dale and is based around characters and events from R.A. Salvatore’s popular Legend of Drizzt novels. While the game can be played solo, Dark Alliance is much better (and easier) with friends in co-op.

Dark Alliance features several popular characters from the D&D Legend of Drizzt novels, including Drizzt Do’Urden himself. Other playable heroes include Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar the barbarian, and archery master Catti-brie. It’s a game designed for up to four players at once, and this is most evident in the way Dark Alliance utilizes some of its core gameplay and combat mechanics.

Currently, online multiplayer is the only way to join in with friends to take down iconic D&D enemies like frost giants and goblins. However, local co-op is coming to Dark Alliance after launch, so players hopefully won’t have to wait much longer before getting to experience the game locally with their friends and family. Co-op is about more than just sharing an experience, however, as it actually allows players to unlock some powerful moves that are great for taking down enemies.

Why D&D Dark Alliance’s Team Attacks Are So Important

Why D&D Dark Alliance Is Better (& Easier) With Friends
Why D&D Dark Alliance Is Better (& Easier) With Friends

Although Dark Alliance features plenty of traditional hack-and-slash combat, it’s an action RPG that’s meant to be played alongside other people. This is pretty obvious when it comes to Team Attacks, special moves that are unlocked whenever multiple fighters are in play. To trigger one of these Team Attacks, players will have to use certain moves like parrying an enemy’s blade or pulling off a successful backstab.

While fighting through hordes of monsters alone can be incredibly hard, Team Attacks are powerful moves that can make surviving fights much easier. Dark Alliance’s difficulty as a solo experience is likely why many people will opt to play the game in co-op rather than by themselves, and special Team Attacks are a pretty great way to incentivize teamwork.

As future content is added into the game, the single-player option may not be quite so punishing. For now, though, co-op is definitely a better and easier way to enjoy Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. And until local co-op is added, online multiplayer with friends is the most viable way to survive some of Icewind Dale’s most menacing monsters.


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