Why Supernatural Should Have 13 Episode Seasons
Why Supernatural Should Have 13 Episode Seasons

Supernatural’s 14th season is only going to have 20 episodes. We think they could go even shorter and still be great.

When Supernatural announced their 14th season would only be 20 episodes instead of 23, the initial reaction was disappointment. Less Supernatural?! How rude!

This summer, the writers, cast, and crew have all gone on the circuit reassuring fans that fewer episodes is actually a great thing. Jensen Ackles has even argued that the show could even do less episodes and it would be a great show. And I have to agree with Jensen. I think that Supernatural could benefit greatly from a shorter, 13-episode season.

If you look at shows on premium cable channels and streaming services, like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and The Handmaid’s Tale, they all have shorter 13-episodes or less seasons. These are some of the highest rated, most critically acclaimed series on television right now.

I think the CW should look at these critically acclaimed shows with shorter seasons and look at maybe giving Supernatural the 13 episode season treatment. Here’s why.

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More quality episodes

With only 13 slots to fill, the writing of each episode would be tighter. There would be less filler episodes and more quality episodes. With only 13 episodes, there would be less time to solve the overarching story of the season. So, the writers would be forced to tell the story more concisely, and not drag it out unnecessarily.

It would cut out some of the out of character actions and unnecessary arguments that drive the brothers apart in order to fill time. The focus can be on telling a great story.

A lot of the issues the show has right now is we’ll be in the middle of a great season story, and then a random, one-off story will pop up that doesn’t further the plot. Sometimes these can be fun (hello “ScoobyNatural“), but sometimes these can be annoying.

You can tell that the writers needed to fill a spot on the episode roster. With only 13 episodes, there wouldn’t be a need to just plop in an unnecessary episode. The season would feel smoother and more cohesive.

Why Supernatural Should Have 13 Episode Seasons

Happier actors

Happier actors means more seasons. Supernatural is filmed in Canada, while Jensen and Jared, and their families, live in Texas. They both have very small children who they want to spend time with.

If there are only 13 episodes each season, then J2 can spend more time with their families. They will be more relaxed, and much happier to be on set. They will be able to give their best performances, not that they already aren’t doing so. And if they’re happy, and get to have that work/life balance, they’ll be more willing to sign up to keep doing the show season after season.

Why we love Castiel mentoring Jack

This is the storyline teaser we’ve been waiting for on Supernatural. Castiel made Kelly a promise that he would take care of Jack, and now it looks like he’s going to get to make good on that.
When Kelly was pregnant with the child of Lucifer in Supernatural Season 12, the whole universe had some question about what would come from its birth. As a result, poor Kelly ended up with a figurative neon bullseye on her back. She said Jack showed her how wonderful things would be and after Castiel received his own vision, the promise was in place. He would take care of Jack, teach him, make sure that future he saw had the chance to be a reality.

Now that Jack has had a little time on Earth, made some serious bonds and learned some things, he finds himself beginning of Supernatural Season 14 without a spark of the power he’s so used to learning to control. Not only are we going to see him struggle with that, but his own father stole his grace and then sparked-out to death so there is going to be some trauma there.

Jack is also missing his brother in arms, Dean, thanks to an unwelcome continued possession by the Apocalypse World’s version of the archangel Michael. Jack is going to need that protection and guidance now.

Here are the top five reasons why we are excited to see Castiel step up as Jack’s support system and mentor through these crazy days ahead:

Castiel will have a lot to offer Jack in the way of “I get it, I do.” He had his own grace stolen and had to experience the world as a mere mortal for much longer than he would have liked.

However, during that time, he was also able to get a grasp of some very real human things. He got hungry, had a powerful interest in the ladies, and really didn’t love the fact that all that delicious food and drink had to find a way back out.

Perhaps most importantly, he experienced feelings. Once he got back into his angel groove, all those experiences became wisdom. This will be an ideal fit for showing Jack emotional support as he navigates the world with nothing more than the next fella.

Why Supernatural Should Have 13 Episode Seasons