Young Sheldon S4 Finale Finally Begins George’s Big Bang Theory Story
Young Sheldon S4 Finale Finally Begins George's Big Bang Theory Story

Young Sheldon season 4 finale heavily hints at George having an affair with Brenda finally tackling his cheating story from The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon season 4 finale finally sets up George’s infidelity storyline that Sheldon first revealed in The Big Bang Theory. For the most part of the CBS spin-off, Young Sheldon, George Cooper has been a devoted family man. But that could very well change moving forward as he begins to consider the idea of cheating on his wife Mary.

The CBS spin-0ff series capped off its 18-episode season 4 with “The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics,” which all started with Missy dealing with boy issues at school. But little did she know that her bad attitude at home would result in the potential downfall of her parents’ marriage. While Missy eventually came to terms with her situation, intriguingly with the help of Sheldon who stepped up and provided support for his sister, George and Mary’s conflict – which began with the couple dealing with their kids’ tantrums – escalated. As Mary complained to George about how everything in their household seems to fall apart when she’s not around, George retorted by revealing that he’s unhappy with the way his life turned out. He implied that as he made compromises to make his wife happy, she’s been nothing but insensitive to the issues that he’s dealing with quietly.

In the end, George left home and found himself in a bar. Initially, he was alone until the newly-single Brenda Sparks came and offered him company to which he agreed. The screen cut to black and just like that Young Sheldon season 4 was over, effectively hinting that the unlikely pair will find solace with each other and that it will result in George cheating. Whether or not the Cooper patriarch will actually be involved in an affair with his neighbor is unknown at this point. But, regardless of the outcome of their night out together, it leads him down a dark path where he will ultimately start having intimate relations with another woman as revealed by Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. While this isn’t the first time an argument with Mary drove him out of the house, George usually lets steam off with his male friends. Spending time with Brenda could establish him finding solace and companionship from the opposite sex.

Young Sheldon S4 Finale Finally Begins George's Big Bang Theory Story
Young Sheldon S4 Finale Finally Begins George’s Big Bang Theory Story

George’s infidelity plot line has been looming over Young Sheldon since The Big Bang Theory it was confirmed in its parent series. Sheldon and Mary had been critical about the Cooper patriarch in The Big Bang Theory, describing him as a negligent father, and the revelation that he accidentally caught his dad on the bed with another woman definitely reinforced the idea. But since the spin-off shows George as a good and devoted parent, there’s interest in how exactly it will eventually tackle the storyline. Assuming that they remain neighbors, it’s still plausible that Brenda ultimately becomes George’s mistress. Mary’s attempt to console her after Herschel left home would make this possibility more tragic as it’s the ultimate betrayal of their friendship.

That being said, with Young Sheldon already renewed for three more seasons, CBS can opt to stretch out this narrative which makes more sense since Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory story won’t happen until a few more years. The cliffhanger could only be a scheme to keep the conversation going until it returns with new episodes later this year for season 5. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, things will be different for George and Mary’s marriage from here on out.