Young Sheldon Star Teases The Start Of Filming For Season 5
Young Sheldon Star Teases The Start Of Filming For Season 5

Missy actress Raegan Revord takes viewers back into the behind-the-scenes process on the pre-production for CBS’ Young Sheldon season 5.

Young Sheldon season 5 is gearing up to start filming, Raegan Revord reveals. The actress plays Missy in The Big Bang Theory spin-off, and alongside her whole family, they try to support Sheldon in his endeavors.Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Young Sheldon season 3 had to be cut short, with its following year being pushed back from its normal return date.

Season 5 will also be a few weeks delayed as it premieres in October, instead of the usual mid-September release. The Young Sheldon season 4 finale, “The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics,” surprisingly put Missy at the center of the storytelling as she dealt with boy problems for the first time. However, what was supposed to be a personal problem became much bigger when a series of events led to George Sr. and Mary having a pretty serious confrontation. So, while Missy has already gotten over her woes thanks to some emotional support from Sheldon, the Cooper parents continue to be on bad terms.

Now, a few months after Young Sheldon went into its summer break, the cast and crew are already gearing up to return on set. Taking to Instagram, Revord took fans behind-the-scenes on what it’s like to prepare for the show’s upcoming filming. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, she first gets tested and from there, she checks all the wardrobe Missy will have for season 5. Watch the video below:

Coming into Young Sheldon season 5, audiences may be most interested in finding out what happens to Mary and George. Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, with the implication that the Cooper patriarch will start having an affair with their newly single neighbor Brenda after the pair bumped into each other at a bar. However, it’s worth noting that the spin-off may not jump the gun with regard to this plotline. CBS has been dancing around darker subject matter in Young Sheldon for a while now, and with at least three full seasons of the show already confirmed, they need to pace its storytelling properly. This means that Young Sheldon may not immediately address the lingering questions regarding the status of George and Mary’s marriage.

The good news about, though, is that Young Sheldon can focus on other narratives, including fleshing out Georgie and Missy’s respective arcs in the meantime. Following Sheldon is already a given since he’s the lead of the show, but, his siblings are equally as fascinating. Luckily, it won’t hurt if the prequel spends more time with them or on the unresolved romantic relationship between Meemaw and Dr. Sturgis.